During the 1980 Kin year, a committee of four was struck to investigate the feasibility of constructing a senior citizens housing complex. The committee spent 200 person hours researching the municipality’s greatest needs vis-à-vis senior citizens and medical professionals, and having conducted a comprehensive survey throughout the municipality, established this mission.


The survey found that the greatest need was “elderly persons housing for Oakbank” as well as a personal care home, re-establishment of a doctor’s office, a pharmacist and dispensary and a dentist.

At this time a Springfield Kinsmen Club was chartered, and being as the Kinsmen’s motto is “SERVING THE COMMUNITIES GREATEST NEED”, the Kinsmen took it upon themselves to determine if in fact the municipality survey was the greatest need. They discovered that indeed it was, but that additional needs of meals-on-wheels, Senior citizen’s day care and Senior citizen’s recreation programs were also necessary.

The Kinsmen’s idea was to put both an independent and personal care home on the same site so that a park setting could be established. They would also have small garden plots available for the enjoyment of the residents. Included in this complex would be facilities to have a pharmacist, doctor, dentist, etc. either on a full time or part time basis, to not only service the residents of the complex, but the municipality at large. They also proposed to have am mini bus service which would ferry other seniors in the area to and from appointments. Lastly, they would like to be able to have an enlarged recreation area so that it would be of benefit to the other homes as well as seniors living on their own.

The action plan was to determine what type of facility from an architectural and esthetic standpoint would be desirable in the community of Oakbank. With that thought in mind, preliminary concepts were sought from three architectural firms. After choosing the best architectural firm, the committee ordered a model and a conceptual prospectus. The Kinsmen now set out to convince the authorities of all levels of government. After many closed doors and disappointments, they met with the MLA of the time. With his help, they made a presentation to the Minister of Housing and Health and Welfare. Due to the fact that the concept was unique, each minister had the Kinsmen meet with his highly placed deputies and with a committee which had been established by the provincial cabinet who mandate was to coordinate all departments that had any responsibilities for service to seniors. This committee, called the Interagency Committee on Aging was so taken by the concept and approach that they proposed to the provincial cabinet that this Project should be a pilot project for the province. The project was to be an elderly persons housing, personal care home, and municipal recreational facility for seniors and rural community health care.

Construction began in April 1985 and was completed in October 1985. The Grand Opening was on March 8th, 1986.