Everyone is welcome to apply for housing at Springfield Place or Kin Place. Applications will be rated and those with the most need will be given first chance. Those with a certain income will not be eligible as both facilities are subsidized by Manitoba Housing. This income changes from time to time.

Supportive Housing is part of Manitoba Health’s Aging in Place Strategy. Eligibility is assessed through the Manitoba Home Care program for supportive housing. Please go to the Supportive Housing page for more information.

Independent Living

Independent Living at Springfield Place and Kin Place

Definition of Independent Living:

Independent living facilities, also known as; retirement residences, retirement communities, or apartments for older adults 55 or over, are places designed for those who are mobile and can take care of themselves. The size and cost of these facilities can vary considerably and depend on the services available.

Independent Living Offers:

Independent living facilities offer private accommodations with full-sized; one or two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen. Residents may prepare their own meals or participate in any existing congregate meal program. Independent living facilities offer a recreation program, transportation, housekeeping and laundry services. Some additional charges apply for these services.

Independent living facilities DO NOT PROVIDE personal care, such as help with toileting bathing and / or dressing. We DO NOT OFFER 24-hour care or supervision.  You must be able to cope independently in a self-contained suite.

If you require assistance to remain independent, contact the Home Care Coordinator in your area to enquire about receiving Home Care services in the RM of Springfield Call IERHA 204-444-6139 or 1-877-753-2012.  In Winnipeg enquire about Home Care services from the WRHA at 204-788-8330.

Cost of Independent Living Facilities:

Accommodations in Independent living facilities range from very basic to one with more features and / or services; and the costs vary accordingly. Costs for basic subsidized facilities start at 30% of a single older adults’ annual gross income and 30% of a couples combined annual gross income.

Accessing Independent Living :

To access Independent housing at Springfield Place or Kin Place in Oakbank, Mb. Please contact Clare Reimer @204-444-3132 press #3.  An application is required. 

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to decide who shall be accepted and the terms under which they shall remain, in accordance with guidelines as set forth by Manitoba Family Services and Housing. This application when submitted does not assure you of acceptance for any accommodations operated by: Oakbank-Springfield Kinsmen Seniors Complex Inc.

Executive Director
204-444-3132 and press 3